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Trial Request

Arnold Swimming Club is always on the look out for new Members.
If you wish to Join Arnold Swimming Club as a swimmer please complete the trialist form below and submit to us. Our dedicated joining team will then contact you to confirm a Trial date for you. If your trial is successful then you will be given a 4 week trial period with the club. After this 4 week period is over you will be asked if you wish to stay on with the club where you will be issued with a full application form to officially join the club.
Please note that we only hold trials on specific dates throughout the year.

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Medical/Disability Details

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Conditions of a Trial

  • The trial will usually be for a period of 4 weeks at the end of which you will be either invited to join the club or declined acceptance into the club. The club or swimmer may end the trial at any time.
  • The first trial is free and you agree to pay per session for the remained of the trial.
  • If you are invited to join the club, you agree to pay the full membership fee due at that time within 14 days of being accepted and to pay for the swimming sessions by monthly standing order or monthly cash/cheque.
  • In times of high demand for trials and/or high attendance in the pool, the club may not be able to advise a date for the second trial. Please contact the club desk 14 days after the first trial for an update or e-mail the club via the website.
  • You are required to remail on the premises at all times during each session of the trial.
  • You will recieve a copy of the "Code of Conduct" and agree to its conditions.
  • Only relevant club members (e.g. Lane Coach, Head and Assistant Head Coach, The Clubs Disability Officer and the Membership Secretary) will be made aware of any disibility or medication you, the swimmer, are recieving.
  • In accordance with the clubs constitution, membership is provisional and subject to approval by the committee. If membership is declined, the club will refund the membership and monthly payments in full, other than for the months already swam.
I Agree to abide by the above conditions of the trial: